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Ravens Kin Ravens Kin

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love it! Now im really interested in your story! I love the plague doctor/crow figures!

RipNic responds:

The Idea is a fantasy book where basically the civilized world are in anarchy.
About a daughter trying to save her father and the empire but fears the outcome as well.
About a apprentice from the north, a apprentice on a journey to save his clan and his own future.

The civilized world is controlled by various eleven houses. Pompous ,rich , aristocrats.
The most famous and the ruling house are the Phoenix. the king of the civilized world together with his daughter.
The king is nearly 600 years and the elves has a curse they live with.

The elves lives a long life but at a cost. the older they get the more chance they have to become crazy, blood lust,maniac, paranoid. Living 600 years are talking its toll on the body and mind. The king slaughtered his own wife during a dinner session by this curse.

This "curse" can be eased with the herbs of the a frost flower. a flower that possess the ability to ease it. But it is a really rare flower and it is treasured by the whole world. In the right hand you can buy a kingdom with one rose.

So the noble houses of the elves has been living as the ruling houses for nearly 2 thousand years. But the flowers have been diminished by the use and the numbers of people hunting for it.
It has been nearly 200 years with a short storage of the herbs. many houses has already lost it to the curse and runs wild in the kingdom and the kings owns storage is running thin.
His daughter fears for the kingdom and the father so she venture out in searching for that rose.

In the far lands in the north beyond the mountains lies a land of tundra, here lives a collection of various tribes of shamanic people, distant to the civilized world and few things are know about these people.
Each tribe work as a individual tribe but they often travel and trade with other tribes.
Some tribes are masters at scouting, others are fishing.
We will follow a young apprentice of the ravens clan. This tribe are masters of herbs and potions. They can cure decises, boost the body and minds own abilities and also poison a kingdom if they want to.

A sickness has been affecting his tribe and his wife has become deadly ill with her unborn firstborn.
The only hope lies in finding a frost flower and cure this decease.
He venture south and search for it.

The book was suppose to capture both the apprentice and the daughters journey .